Silver of the Stars - Marion E.Kane, Studio 24
Saturday 31st of March 2007 22:48
(An example of one of Marion's pieces of silverware, Emma Sanderson Photography
Marion’s work has been on show in the Victoria & Albert Museum London as part of the highly prestigious collection “Silver of the Stars”, which pairs ten international celebrities in the fields of film, fashion, music, theatre and literature, with ten of Scotland's finest silversmiths. Each pair has collaborated on the design for a piece of silver on that most beautiful moment, "a drink with a close friend", resulting in a hugely varied collection of drinking vessels that ranges from absinthe goblets to teapots to claret jugs. "Silver of the Stars" is a registered charity that will benefit ten charities nominated by each of the celebrities.

Marion was paired with Ewan McGregor, an actor and producer, whose films include Star Wars, Trainspotting, Shallow Grave, Little Voice, A Life Less Ordinary, Moulin Rouge, Black Hawk Down, Down with Love and Big Fish.

Marion’s design departed from her usual feminine style of silversmithing, with its natural, flowing lines, to create this chunky and quintessentially masculine coffee set for Ewan McGregor. She raised the main body and lid of each piece, used fabrication and riveting for the handles, and she turned the acrylic stoppers. Marion sourced reclaimed motorbike handles for the handles of the jug and mug. On the jug she laser engraved the names of the countries that Ewan and Charley Boorman visited on their "Long Way Round" motorbike trip. The registration plates of their bikes are inscribed on the mug.

The motorbike handles that feature on both the mug and the coffee pot remind Ewan of his incredible journey around the world on his BMW. He enjoyed the most memorable drink of his life on that trip, when he was given the strongest cup of coffee he has ever drunk at the Ukrainian border, having spent fourteen hours trying to get into the country.

Marion attended the launch of the collection at the Victoria & Albert Museum London
in January; the exhibition opened to the public on the 31st of March and ran until the 18th March. Next stop for the collection is The Forbes Galleries, New York, USA on the 30th March, where the exhibition shows until the 2nd June 2007. The exhibition forms part of Tartan Week, the hugely successful series of events promoting Scotland and Scottish culture in the USA.

Michael Laing OBE DL and Chairman of The Incorporation of Goldsmiths’ of the City of Edinburgh formulated the original concept behind the collection.
“I asked myself how silversmithing, a tradition reaching back hundreds of years in Scotland, could be made more relevant and interesting in the modern world. Scotland has always been a leader in innovative design, producing life-changing inventions from the telephone to television to Dolly the Sheep, the world's first cloned mammal. It occurred to me that we now needed to adapt the best of our exquisite design and craft traditions to suit today's nano-second world, in which much of our lives are defined and influenced by image, excitement and entertainment.

A nation is defined by its art. As "Silver of the Stars" tours throughout the world, it reveals the inspirational and innovative centre of excellence that is Scotland today, shaped by the honest diligence and warmth of character of her people.”

The collection will be exhibited in some of the world's top museums in London, New York, St Petersburg, Beijing, Kyoto and Edinburgh. Following this initial world tour, "Silver of the Stars" will begin a second tour, for which venues in San Francisco and North Carolina have already shown an interest.

The Incorporation of Goldsmiths’ of the City of Edinburgh, which was established in the mid-Fifteenth Century, created “Silver of the Stars”. Its principle functions lie in administering the Edinburgh Assay Office and in promoting Scottish design and innovation skills through silversmithing both in the UK and abroad. The Assay Office tests precious metal and applies the globally recognised Scottish hallmark, giving a guarantee of quality and security. Hallmarking is the oldest form of consumer protection in the world. The Incorporation also provides a Design Advisory Service, which makes commissioning a unique piece of silver a simple process.

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