Ayrshire Makers
Sunday 06th of May 2007 19:04
Lise Bech, Basket Weaver: image by Shannon Tofts

Ayrshire Makers is a not for profit organisation set up by a voluntary group of professional craft makers. The group has come together to continue the work done by Develop Craft Ayrshire over six years up to July 2006.

The aims of the Ayrshire Makers are:
> To bring together artists, crafts people, designers etc. producing goods made solely in Ayrshire.
> To develop,improve and promote high quality products/skills and link individual makers across Ayrshire
> To develop the audience and market for crafts etc., creating more opportunities for people to see high quality craft
> To establish craft businesses as a sustainable creative industry "cluster' within Ayrshire
> Networking, collaboration and partnerships, news and information exchange
> To raise the local, regional and national recognition of Ayrshire as a destination for quality crafts production

There are currently over twenty members from across Ayrshire, from a diverse range of craft backgrounds and disciplines. Membership is open to any maker within the craft/art/design sector producing works made exclusively within the boundaries of North, South and East Ayrshire.

All five of the studio craft makers from West Kilbride Craft Town Scotland are pleased to be part of the group, as is the CTS Development Officer who is also a registered maker in East Ayrshire.

The new Ayrshire Makers website launched recently gives full details of our members and the Ayrshire Makers group activities.