Exciting Exhibition Opens
Sunday 14th of May 2006 14:37
The Gallery, 75/77 Main Street, West Kilbride. KA23 9AP
Tel: 01294 829179 email: info@westkilbride.org.uk

Saturday 13th May until 17th June 2006
Gallery hours: Tuesday to Friday 10am till 5pm, Saturday 10am till 4pm

Craft Town Scotland’s Development Officer is delighted to announce the opening of “Structure”, an exhibition that offers an opportunity to view the work of innovative contemporary artists based in Scotland.

Craft has an extremely long history; it has encompassed the purely functional, the symbolic object steeped in ritualistic significance, the designator of status and wealth, the deliciously decorative – on many occasions being a fusion of some or all of these. Allied to these pre-occupations was the skilled manipulation of materials in the creation of objects which bore the individual ‘mark’ of their maker.

Contemporary craft is a continuation of that tradition, of the making process entered into by successive generations. On many occasions, the distinction between ‘craft’ and ‘fine art’ blurs, with boundaries skilfully crossed.

This show focuses on the work of six established and respected artists, consisting of five applied artists and one visual artist. Highlighting various interpretations of structure - visions of architecture and geometry, of engineering and construction, of chemical transformation, of nature and raw materials, of society and observation– the works capture the vibrancy and diversity of current craft and visual art practice.

Selected Exhibitors:

Gillian Cooper: Printed & Knitted Textiles
“Throughout my work, the key influences are colour, architecture, unusual natural forms and texture. How a piece of work feels is important to me…”

Caroline Dear: Sculptural Basketweaving
“Creating simple forms which have resonance, this work explores forms using natural materials; pushing grass, rush and heather to their structural limits.”

Michael Durning: Drawing & Painting
“My subject matter has risen from concerns over the destruction of Scottish industry architecture and sites of historical importance.”

Shona Fidgett: Jewellery
“I have developed my style of bold modern jewellery which takes inspiration from architecture, using geometric forms in bold clean-lined pieces”.

Hanne Mannheimer: Ceramics
“Most of all I want my work to communicate the simple beauty that is all around us an that we only need to open our eyes to see in the most unexpected of places.”

Amanda J. Simmons: Fused Glass (New work)
“I like to work on themes of structure...in our lives, in nature, architecture and the human body.”

Entry to the exhibition is free of charge.
Disabled access and toilet facilities.

Ceramic vessel (detail) by Hanne Mannheimer
From original image by Malcolm Farrar