Lets Celebrate Making It!
Wednesday 27th of December 2006 21:38
This open event took place at the Village Hall, West Kilbride on the 26th November 2006. Over 1500 households in West Kilbride received leaflets inviting them to ‘ meet the makers’. This was partly intended to celebrate the success of winning “Enterprising Britain 2006” – and the role played by the makers in that success. But it was also aimed at encouraging a dialogue between the community and the makers – an opportunity for people to get an idea of the level of skill and time involved and for makers to answer visitor’s questions and encourage more participation.
Despite the grey, wet weather conditions, interested visitors began arriving immediately the doors opened at 1.30pm. A steady stream of visitors made their way round each of the stands, enjoying the chance to talk to the makers.
Marion E. Kane: Studio 30 Ritchie St.
Marion arranged a display of her exquisite silverware and explained that each piece of tableware is raised by hand from a single flat sheet of silver. Texture is added by measured hammering, using a variety of old tools collected over the years. Her work experience student Nicola, a pupil from a local secondary school who now works the occasional Saturday, smoothed and polished the edge of bracelets using techniques taught to her by Marion.
Nicola Beattie Candelabra: Studio 55 Main St.
Nicola displayed candles at various stages – from the chunks of coloured wax still to be melted, to those in moulds, to those prized from the mould awaiting decoration, to the finished range of candles. Nicola’s work is hand crafted from start to finish, she meticulously carves the surface of her candles using a range of sculpting tools– to the amazement of some visitors, who thought the intricate decorative surface was achieved by the use of a mould.
Virgil Bauzys, Hastingwood Basket Works: Studio 99b Main Street.
Virgil was kept busy for the afternoon – a steady stream of visitors watched as he instructed them on the finer points of weaving with willow. A queue of children soon developed as they were offered the chance to make their own willow Xmas tree shaped decoration. Under Virgil’s expert guidance, everyone who tried his or her hand at basket weaving had the satisfaction of taking home his or her own willow creation.
Donna Morrow, Model Milliner: Studio 117 Main Street.
Donna was on hand to discuss the finer points of hat and headwear making. In addition to examples of her exquisite creations, Donna also had a range of sumptuous fabrics, beads and feathers that she uses in the manufacture of full hats and headpieces. Explaining that hats are formed on wooden hat blocks, Donna then demonstrated how the decorative trims are designed, stitched and hand finished.
Maggie M. Broadley, Craft & Design Officer: The Gallery 75/77 Main Street.
Maggie set up a stand to illustrate the range of activities she undertakes. As the sole employee, the Craft & Design Officer is responsible for all aspects of the development, administration, management and promotion of the West Kilbride Craft & Design town. A Glasgow School of Art graduate with specialsm in Ceramics, Maggie discussed how she has utilized her training as a design graduate alongside skills developed during her time as a freelance design consultant.