Candelabra: Studio 55 Main Street
Thursday 16th of February 2006 09:54
Nicola Beattie, Candelabra wishes to announce a temporary change in her studio opening hours. As a result of unforseen circumstances, Candelabra (hand-made candles) will not be open for business Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. The studio will now open Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 10am - 4.30 pm. Nic appreciates the support given since re-locating from Largs to West Kilbride and hopes to return to normal opening hours as soon as possible. For trade or private clients who wish to arrange an order, Nic’s contact details can be found on the menu bar “Craft Studios - Studio 55?. There will also be a selection of candles available from The Gallery (75/77 Main Street) during this period.