Late Summer 09


Elaine Scobie

I have recently graduated from the Glasgow School of Art with a BA honours in silversmithing and jewellery. My initial idea for the work was carried on from two pieces that I had included in an exhibition that we had at the art school in third year. All the jewellery in this exhibition was designed to relate to the heading Glimpses. The inspiration for these was taken from photograph off-cut strips that I discovered one day whilst developing pictures. I was amazed at the volume of colour ,detail and texture that I found in each strip. Also each strip was personal to the individual whose pictures they came from. This provided an insight into the lives of these people and I thought it seemed appropriate to use this as an idea for the Glimpses project.

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Concept based Jewellery

Illustration & Jewellery

Gill Ross

A passion for drawing has given my work a strong illustrative quality. Often I am struck by traditional architecture and how its quirky characteristics vary from place to place. Using photography, drawing and painting, I aim to capture the characteristics of these kooky buildings such as the subtle markings on weathered stones.

Translating these drawings and paintings into jewellery, etching allows for me to draw directly onto the metal and use of enamel gives my work hints of colour, relating these pieces back to my paintings.

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Illustrated Books and Jewellery


Helaina Sharpley

I have always liked a nice cup of tea! However, it wasn’t until I started my degree course, that I realised I had such a passion verging on obsession, for everything tea related. I believe tea is a drink for every occasion, from a homely, comforting cuppa, to a proper English afternoon tea. Therefore every tea set every mug or cup and saucer can tell a different tale.

I began looking into the Victorian and Edwardian eras, when tea drinking was a refined and elegant occasion. I discovered that the architecture of these times (and also the art deco era) were also a major inspiration. Architecture has now become a major focus in my work.

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2-d WIre Work

Printed Textiles

Juliet Buchanan-Jardine

Juliet graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2009

After working at Chelsea Harbour Design Centre in London last summer, I have been inspired by all the high-end companies such as Romo, Cole and Son and Zoffany, by the style and elegance of their prints.

My degree collection is a variety of wallpapers and fabrics aimed at the high end of the interior furnishing market for both city and country homes.

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Textiles and Wallpapers for Interiors


Ruth Jones

I live and work in Dumfries & Galloway, South West Scotland where I produce sculptural and hand-thrown ceramics. I am also a lecturer and community artist.

Hand-thrown Range

I also produce and range of historically inspired thrown forms. Hand-thrown on a traditional kick wheel this range reflects my interest in historical ceramics. Decorated with specially prepared brightly coloured earthenware glazes.

Wheel-thrown Functional Ceramics