Spring Arrivals - An exhibition of contemporary craft & design with supporting fine art


Sheena May Bowman

Sheena May Bowman

Based in the west coast of Scotland, Sheena May produces a playful and energetic range of fashion and interior accessories where new technology meets the old tradition of hand-craft.

The innovative collection of scarves, cushions, brooches and skirts combine a wide range of techniques; digital printing, felting, hand dying, embroidery.

Sheena May takes inspiration from photography, texture and colour; the resulting

collection of work exhibits a passion for pattern with a superb explosion of vibrant



Maggie M. Broadley

Maggie M. Broadley

Although born and raised in the city of Glasgow, childhood visits to my grand-

parent’s croft on the Isle of Lewis imprinted upon me a deep sense of belonging to that community. As a second year student of ceramics at Glasgow School of Art, a project exploring the notion of ‘hearth and home’ began my preoccupation with crofting.

In particular, I found a special strength and aesthetic quality in everyday implements,

in their construction: curves; notches; pegs; rivets. Using the vessel as my starting point, the resultant forms echo both the original object and the movement associated with its’ use – curving, twisting and stretching.

The new body of work also utilizes elements from my current surroundings. ‘Found’ ingredients in my glazes – ash from our fire, rust collected during weekend walks from abandoned equipment on a nearby farm, lichen and bark from twigs in our wood, add an additional layer of meaning.


May Byrne

May Byrne

May’s artwork focuses mainly on the island of Uist in the Western Isles. Although she lives in North Ayrshire, her strong family links to South Uist extend back over several generations and the many years of visiting and absorbing the history, culture environment have heavily influenced her painting.

The crofting lifestyle and particularly how the weather impacts on the environment and its people, contribute to her fascination with the island.

The paintings are often heavily textured and expressive, working mainly in acrylics and oils. May uses broad brushstrokes and palette knives and works loosely to capture the effects of the weather on the environment.


Sophie Meredith

Sophie Meredith

Sophie graduated in two thousand and six with a First Class Honours Degree in Applied Art. Since leaving university Sophie now works from her Hertfordshire studio.

Sophie has worked with precious metals and semi-precious stones for more

than four years. Natural forms and the history and culture of creative metalworking inform her work.

Sophie regularly designs and makes new collections, one-off pieces and welcomes


Painter / Architect

John Wetton Brown

John Wetton Brown

John, born in Glasgow, is a restoration architect who has now graduated to art. From

restoring Scotland’s ancient monuments, he is now painting some of her most interesting treasures.

His subjects range from historic fishing villages like Pittenween and Crail, to the

landscapes of Skye, Mull and Sutherland, with great sweeps of mountain, moor land, sky and sheep.

The style of painting is perspectively challenged. This may be a reaction against drawing straight lines on a drawing board.