Spring Arrivals 08


Virginia Graham

My attention is drawn to the collector who consciously hoards objects. I make teapots and tea services because they are the ultimate in collectable ceramics; they are also ordinary objects that are instantly recognisable to the onlooker.

I am fascinated by the way in which these objects; that were originally

intended for use, are so often collected and displayed behind glass never to be used for fear of betraying their newfound status.I use a combination of slip casting and hand building techniques to create forms with many components, often recreating objects and placing them out of context. For example, I frequently use a tap as a mug handle or a teapot lid. Their surfaces make reference to utilitarian wares from industrial ceramic history, including mochaware, cornishware and blue and white porcelain. Floral transfers, metallic lustre’s and found objects are the finishing touches to create eclectic pieces that are precious and collectable yet ordinary and familiar.

I began my studio practice in 2000 after graduating from UWIC in Cardiff with a BA(Hons) in Ceramics. I am still based in Cardiff, currently working from Fireworks Clay Studios; a self managed ceramic artists cooperative.



Bill Andrews

Based in Ayrshire, I design and make a range of products using both indigenous and exotic woods from proven sustainable source. I also incorporate recycled materials to make boxes and decorative household items.

Bill’s work is made to a high standard of construction and finish, displaying skilled woodworking and inlaying techniques and

a sympathetic choice of materials



Marion Barclay

Marion graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2005 and was artist in residence in the Silversmithing and Jewellery department from September 2005 until June 2006.

Based in Glasgow, Marion creates contemporary fashion jewellery from anodised aluminium. The combination of printing and colouring techniques with a fascination for pattern allows her to produce a series of innovative designs. Bold and delicate colours, intricate patterns and textures all fuse to produce a variety of exciting and wearable pieces. Through layering, the lightweight qualities of the metal can be exploited, allowing the pieces to vary greatly in scale.

Marion’s desire is to make stylish fashionable jewellery which links

traditional ideas of ornamental style patterns with bright colours. The pieces are ornate with semi-precious stones, pearls and repetition.

Commended in the Goldsmiths Craftsmanship and Design Awards 2004

Contemporary Jewellery


Suzanne Devine

My work is based in Manchester at the craft and design centre, where I live and studied Embroidery at University. After completing my degree three years ago at Manchester Metropolitan University I have been establishing myself as a designer/ maker of bags and accessories.

The work I produce is made-up of mixed media but for the majority of my designs. I use a range of soft lambs leather and cow-hide. Since leaving University in June 2003, I took part in New Designers and various other exhibitions with the Embroiderers Guild.

I then moved from my studio at Islington mill, Salford to a studio/ retail

space in the Craft and Design centre in the Northern Quarter in Manchester. Since then I have been focusing on building up my shop space and designs and techniques, supplying various galleries and shops.

Leather Handbags, Purses, Textile designer


Zoe Gadzby

Zo spent her early years in Hong Kong and returned to Scotland in the 1980s. Having graduated from the Environmental Art Dept. at Glasgow School of Art in 1995, her early installation work explored light and colour and was influenced by meditational and experiential art. A further 2 years of study in Architectural and Kiln Formed Glass were a natural progression of this photography and sculpture based work and since 2000 she has established a growing reputation for her vibrant fused and leaded glass.

Zoe explores and manipulates glass’s transformational qualities using vivid, luminous colour that powerfully engages the senses and abstraction through geometric form. Simple geometric symbols and complex geometric patterning reflect naturally occurring chaotic forms fused with high-tech. circuitry, microscopic photography of viruses, cells and even atoms.

Zoe is also available for the commission of bespoke work through The Gallery, West Kilbride.

Kiln Formed Glass


Laura Richardson: Koha

Having graduated in BA Hons Textiles at Manchester Metropolitan University, Laura pursued a career in textile design, freelance designing in the UK before accepting a work placement with a textile design company in Auckland, New Zealand. Returning to the UK, Laura established Koha* Studio in 2005 in order to paint directly for the public. She now operates from the Manchester Craft and Design Centre, a not for profit social enterprise with a voluntary Board ofDirectors.

Reviving a painting technique discovered in her later university days, Laura uses a rich pairing of oil paints & metallic powders to create ‘carved’ images, often likened to metal sheeting or even silk fabrics. Sophisticated, shimmering qualities of these framed & canvas paintings, lend themselves well to both modern and traditional interiors; be it ornamental damask repeats or freehand sketchy nature-inspired imagery; these light-changing pieces add depth to any room.

*Koha = ‘gift/present’ in Maori, New Zealand.

Textiles, Painted Canvases