Glass Artist

June Morrison

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June is an award winning graduate from the prestigous Glass Department at Edinburgh College of Art in 2009 and is currently working towards her MFA in Glass at ECA having been awarded a PSAS scholarship.

"I am fascinated by the psychology of human experience. The internal conflicts that emerge as we navigate our paths through the world and the emotional resonances that these experiences create are central to my work.

Conflicts between the demands of the individual and the community; contrasts between the mundane experiences of everyday life with momentous events; the struggle to attain our ideals; and the pressure to conform and live up to the expectations of society and those around us are the central themes I explore.

Glass is a unique and exciting medium to work with. Transparency, translucency and opacity change with each small movement in the ambient light.

The translucency of glass can reveal, or restrict the view of interior. The amount of ourselves that we reveal to the world is never constant. We present only a limited view of our inner selves, but in times of stress or turmoil, we can reveal more than we otherwise would or hide more than we intend.

Thin glass can appear fragile, masking an inner strength. Similarly an apparently solid, resilient piece of glass can be masking internal tension, which could cause it to fracture with the slightest environmental change. We are generally strong and resilient as human beings but when circumstances throw us something unexpected our strength and resilience can be tested to breaking point.

In my current work a simple seed pod form is suggestive of the human and is gradually contorted and twisted. The form slowly takes on patterns, complex, yet delicate, which emerge as result of human experience."

Contemporary Glass