Sarah Thirlwell

Sarah graduated with a B.A. (Hons) Design: Craft, 1st Class. Since 2002 she has been a part-time lecturer at Stafford University and in 2005 Sarah also began lecturing part-time at City College Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University. Her work has selected for the highly prestigious Chelsea Craft Fair (now Origin) since 2002.

Using sustainable, home grown timber and acrylic, Sarah produces a range of vases, vessels, jewellery and interior products that play on juxtapositions of synthetic and natural, light and opaque.

In 2001, Sarah opened her studio in Manchester, UK with the aim of producing contemporary interior products that take the age-old craft of woodturning and drive it into the twenty-first century.

Sarah has produced an exclusive range of jewellery for Canada based website the carrotbox.com and will be showing a new range of work at the Liverpool Design show 19th -22nd June 2008.

Products for contemporary interiors