Alison MacLeod

Alison MacLeod:

Edinburgh College of Art, BA (Hons) Design & Applied Arts, 2003. A recipient of a SAC Setting-up Grant award-winning jeweller Alison is based in the WASP studios, Hanson Street Glasgow. She has exhibited widely - actress Sienna Miller owns a pair of her earrings. Her work reflects her passion for collecting old objects that appear to have been cast aside. For many people, the memory of some time past can be retained within the possession. Using a wide range of materials, including beaded wire, wax castings, flat pierced shapes, found objects (such as bra bits used to manufacture lingerie in the 50s) and semi-precious stones, she aims to create thought provoking pieces

Ruth Singer

Ruth Singer:

Ruth creates wearable art and accessories. Originally trained as a curator and art historian, her main inspiration comes from research into historical dress and textiles and experimentation with decoration techniques. As a maker, Ruth is fascinated by how things were made and what materials were used. Based in Brighton, her bespoke clothing, accessories and textiles are unique works of textile art designed for vibrant people and their homes. Committed to recycling and environmentally aware practices, old and recycled materials are used where possible with energy usage and waste production kept to a minimum.

Elissa Stevens

Elissa Stevens:

I graduated from Glasgow School of Art in June 2006 with BA(Hons)Design, specialising in ceramics. In my current work I have investigated the relationship between ceramics and other materials, focusing on foam/sponge because the materials are so different. I researched how I could translate the qualities of lightweight, soft, porous materials into ceramic form using different casting methods and colour exploration, using chemical salts to create a wide spectrum of colour that could still highlight the subtleties of the texture. My work is mostly in bone china in order to gain good colour transfer and to give a strong yet very delicate structure to my work.


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