Sarah Keay

Sarah Keay:
Gold Bangle

Featured artists are Sarah Keay and Suilven Plazalska, two of Scotland’s progressive young jewellers, both of whom use unusual combinations of precious and non-precious materials.

Sarah’s pieces involve numerous experiments with various colours, textures and forms, along with strong links to the natural world. The wide range of materials used, challenges the traditional roles of jewellery. Wool, florists wire, rubber balls, enamel paints and found objects are mixed with rich materials such as gold, platinum leaf and pearls to produce lightweight sculptural forms to adorn the body. Once worn, the pieces come alive with movement. Sarah is based in Glasgow.

Suilven Plazalska

In Suilven’s work, air and space are constant themes, and she is also influence by natural rhythms such as the heartbeat and breathing. Her pieces are strongly concept based and alongside traditional materials such as silver and gold, she also uses various plastics and other man-made materials such as latex balloons and plastic straws. Suilven wants people to look at these materials – objects they might normally consider worthless – in a new light. Suilven is based in Glasgow.

Always supportive of new graduates, we are pleased to introduce the work of two of last year’s designer-makers; one from Edinburgh College of Art, the other from Duncan of Jordanston, Dundee.

Charlie Sale

Charlotte Sale is a talented blown glass artist, whose work takes inspiration from the underwater domain. She uses a technique known a “Graal” which has enabled her to create brightly coloured organic vessels with an aquatic feel to them. Charlotte is currently in London but is planning to relocate to Devon.


Islay Spalding

Islay Spalding takes natural forms, surrealist art and nonsense stories as the main inspirations for her work. Using precious metals combined with coloured resins, she achieves quirky, unique yet wearable jewellery. Islay hails from Broughty Ferry.


Brad Askew

Other contributors are:

Brad Askew, a Canadian now living in Ayrshire, who creates glasswork ranging from jewellery to platters to large architectural pieces. He sees colours, patterns and textures, which he translates into pieces of glass art, and is fascinated by the play of light over and through its surface.



Simon James

Simon James is based in Derbyshire and is a designer-maker of hand-crafted leather bags which incorporate particular design principles. Simplified external forms provide clean silhouettes for interesting colour and texture combinations and achieve the highest precision in manufacturing and detailing.

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