Caroline Nash

Spring Rotation (ii) 09


Caroline Nash is a contemporary crafts person who works in a variety of different materials. Caroline is inspired by her childhood. Spending a lot of time in and out of the garden with her mother, learning to sew with her grandmother, elements of every day life are her inspiration.

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Slip Cast Ceramics

Her work is designed to be fun and often functional, with a quirky, childlike style. Caroline

has a passion for colour and composition, she enjoys working with and combining different techniques and mediums.

Caroline is intrigued by all things weird and offbeat, which allows her to work intuitively by combining contrasting materials. She loves to collect haberdashery objects, such as buttons, beads, vintage fabrics, and ribbons, which are later incorporated into her textile

work. Most of her pieces are one-off and original pieces, each one slightly differing from the other, due to the ‘second-hand’ nature of the materials used.

Whilst studying her degree, she became interested in plaster mould making and slip casting. This process enabled Caroline to make repeats of the same object, then allowing her to further manipulate the piece, once taken out of the mould. Caroline loves working

with clay. The properties and characteristics of the material, allow Caroline to experiment with form, texture and repeats.